Hello everyone :D

So this is the guideline for TK's reviews, to be followed by TK-ers as well as guests. The goal is not to impose restrictions or stiffle the reviewer's style, but simply to have consistant and uniform reviews, so please follow them.

1. Your grade must range from 0 to 5 and should appear at the beginning of review
grading scheme --> 0: why was this book ever written on Earth, it should be burning in hell, and 5: perfect score, this is a book everyone should own.

2. Include the publishing year and house.

3. Include a synopsis/summary: it could be your own or simply the backblurb of the book.

4. Indicate the genre of the book and which paranormal creatures it features. Also indicate whether the book is part of a series or not. If the book is part of a series, do not forget to state which book # it is.

And that's it :D Simple no? Have fun writing up your review!


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