I'm pleased to have found out, via Anne Bishop's website, that this most amazing series is getting a makeover. Much as I adore this trilogy I always cringed at the horrible covers that, IMHO, didn't do justice to the brilliance inside.

Well, apparently someone over at the publishing house figured I wasn't the only one that felt this way and we know have, coming soon, the following beautiful covers for each of the books. So far they've only posted the first two but you know we'll keep you updated so check with us.

Major bonus points for choosing the incredibly talented Larry Rostant, one of my absolute favorite artists. He is amazing!


Hmm, I can't really say I like these better. The girl in the first one kind of reminds me of S. King's "Carrie" or something. lol. Ah, guess I'm just weird. :-P

I do like them better :D so what to do? Re-buy the trilogy? Probably, when I'll have some spare money :D

The covers aren't great, but at least this means they will be released again and I can buy them at my store. Yay!

LOL! Well, do you gus remember the old ones? Those were yucky! So that's why I like these better. ^_^

I bought the book that has all three put together-so I like that cover more than these. *shrugs*

I've never read these books before...hmm.

I just finished these books the other day. I do like the new covers, but I also got the trilogy in one book.

I have the old covers. I thoght when Dreams Made Flesh came out with a different cover the others would soon follow. I am not sure which I like better, but I have the old covers in any case. Now to finish reading them...

I just thought about this, the new cover for Heir to the Shadows reminds me of the Sebastian cover.

If you check out Anne Bishop's website, you can see Queen of the Darkness' new cover too - and the one for Tangled Webs, the next in the series.

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