Hourrah, hourrah! This is our first review for an e-book and we hope that everyone will enjoy it :)

Wings of Love by Dayna Hart
published in February 2007 by Forbidden Publications, available here.

Aimée is about to celebrate her 21st birthday and is very excited about it. However, her life suddenly takes a new turn and changes forever when she starts seeing fairies. The news does not please her mother, Cristina, at all and her behavior becomes even more erratic and high-strung than usual. It is only when Aimée meets Lael, a cupid fairy, that she discovers that her life, her mother and her father - a father that she has never known - are linked tightly to the world of fairies and that they need her.

Nath is in black and Kailana is in this colour.

Review: This is the first fantasy e-book that I have read and I think it holds a lot of promises. The story is a bit slow at the beginning and a bit confusing which is due, I think, to Ms. Hart trying too hard to be mysterious. However, the pace picks up and it becomes very interesting once Aimée meets Lael, as the truth unveils. This is my first fantasy e-book too. Normally I avoid e-books because I find it hard to read on the computer. I get too distracted. I agree that it starts off a bit slow, but my problem with it is more that just when the book gets interesting, it ends. I found the book too short. I was glad to hear that there is supposed to be a sequel because now I want to know what happens next.

Now, the characters. I think that Aimée is an okay heroine. The main problem I see with her personality is that she acts and sounds like an 16 years old girl instead of a 21 years old woman. Since the story is quite short, readers do not have time to connect fully with her so it's quite hard to form an opinion; however, I think that Aimée would have been more likable and readers would have been more sympathetic/compassionate with her if she'd been described as an 16 years old girl. As for Cristina, she's not very likable and it's all due to her attitude. It's hard to tell whether she's a good mother or not, it's hard to tell whether she loves and cares for Aimée or not. I guess she's bitter and have grieved too much? Although her attitude is understandable by the end of the book, it is not excusable. Finally, Lael - probably the most interesting character of the book. He's very intriguing and steals the show from Aimée by his look and personality. I found Aimee really childish, too. I do not think that she acts almost 21 years old at all through the book. I thought she could have been represented a bit better, or as Nath says, be about 16 instead of 21. I liked Aimee enough to read the whole book in one sitting. Her mother annoyed me, though. She was believable for our time frame, though, a time frame where women are looking for new ways to stay young. Cristina is very big in the plastic surgery and other age-saving methods. It makes her hard to read because her face does not reveal facial expressions. You do get to understand her by the end of the book, but I am not sure if she handled situations that well. Lael was my favourite too. Just look at the picture on the front of the book and remember that he is cupid, of all people. Not your conventional cupid, huh? He was my favourite character in the book, and I look forward to seeing more of him in future books.

Verdict: As a story, this book falls short a little bit as there are many unanswered questions at the end and the beginning was quite slow and confusing. However, if this book is the beginning of a series, then there's a whole lot of potential and I'll keep reading just to find out more about Lael and Aimée. I agree. When I finished it I wondered about the ending. It made a big difference to me to learn that there were more to come, it makes the book better to know that I will hear more about Lael and Aimee in the future. I look forward to seeing more from them in the future!


Certainly sounds interesting! And the bloke on the cover looks like no fairy I have seen before!

Great review you two!

That is one scary looking cupid. LOL

Hey girls!

Thanks a lot :) It was an interesting book :) Of course, wish it was longer :) Yeah, Lael is a gothic-looking fairy/cupid, but that's what makes him interesting :)! LOL

Okay, I need to change the blue. To what colour, though, anyone have a suggestion that would work?

I can't get over the guy in the corner of the cover. Is that the hero? I don't mind piercings, but he ugly. Reminds me of my Goth club days. Is there a scene where they sit and listen to a Cure album and weep? 'Cuz then I might have to read it.

Kailana, maybe black?

Hey Devon,

well there's no hero per say yet and Lael does not appear for long, but he really makes the story intersting :)

Kailana - perhaps dark red?

Does that look okay?

yep, looks better :D

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