Just finish the following sentence to win a brand new copy of Ironside: A Modern Faery's Tale by Holly Black; the sequel to Tithe:

"If I could be any faerie creature, I would choose to be..."

You have until Wednesday, May 16th to post your response in the comments. The winner will be randomly drawn. Non-U.S. residents are welcome to enter.


A brownie! We may look cute and earthy, but don't piss us off.

And give us milk.


a pooka!

a pixie

a pixie.

Personally, there are other fairy tale creatures I would like to be over a faerie, but if I had to choose, that is what I would be.

I am also avoiding reading the review until I read the book, but I hope I like it better than Valiant.

If I could be any faerie creature, I would choose to be... an elf ... must be all that tolkien and RPG influence.

A Pixie!!

Well a Pixie, of course!!

I'd love to be a Pixie as well...so cute!

I would be... a faun. I know I'm a girl, but the idea of living in the woods and meeting Mr Tumnus for tea is too cool!

Not sure if dryads could or not as fairies...

a pooka! Shapeshifting and stirring up trouble? Sign me up!

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