There are a couple challenges going on where people are reading the The Pulitizer and The Booker awards for fiction. After seeing the challenges, I got browsing some of the awards for fantasy and science-fiction. One such award is the Locus Award. One of the awards is for art, voted for by Locus readers, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the work by these artists. This years winner was John Picacio.

Star of Gypsies by John Picacio
Copyright 2005
Interzone by John Picacio
Copyright 2007
Offical Website

My thoughts on John Picacio is that he is amazing. Interzone is very much a piece that if I had wall space, I would want it hanging on my wall. His artwork very much has a fantasy/science-fiction feel to it (which makes sense considering he does covers for those genres, including some Star Trek covers). I have not seen the other peoples work, but I love his, so I am happy he won. He has a blog on his web site in case anyone is interested.

In 2004, 2005, and 2006 there was the same winner: Michael Whelan.
Dragonflight by Michael Whelan
Copyright 1978
Cover to Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight
Beanstalk by Michael Whelan
Copyright 1999
Official Website

Michael Whelan is an author I recognize, it appears he does the covers for authors such as Anne McCaffrey. He also does his own art which the second person is. He has been around for a while, it seems, and he has some amazing pictures! You can visit his website to see more.

In 2002, Bob Eggleton won.
Roller by Bob Eggleton

Worlds of Fire and Ice by Bob Eggleton
Copyright 2001
Official Website
These two paintings were not used as book covers, but he is also a fantasy and science-fiction cover artist.

Michael Whelan then won from 1980-2000. That's pretty impressive.

In 1979, Boris Vallejo won. He has a lot of art, and he does superheroes, so his art is recognizable. Just two paintings that I thought were impressive.
Not sure on the Name
By Boris Vallejo Fallen Angel by Boris Vallejo
Official Website

There is a few of the winners of the Locus Award, I will likely return another day to look at even earlier back but in the beginning there were two art categories and that will take up a lot of space. So, I will leave you with these beautiful paintings until next time...


I've actually been reading all the nominees for the Philip K. Dick, Nebula, and Andre Norton Awards. It's something like 20 books, but I'm about halfway through now :S. It's pretty fun really!

That's very impressive. :) Any favs?

Great artists. I really enjoy all of them. I hope to pick up a Michael Whelan art book one day when I can find one.

It should be relatively easy considering how many awards he has won.

Beautiful! I'm glad you posted these.

Not a problem :)

Every year for the Locus Awards and the Hugo Awards I find myself torn because I generally like all the artists and think they all deserve the recognition. Thanks for posting this, I hadn't been paying attention to the fact that the Locus Awards had been, er, awarded. Great examples of many great artists.

I think the Locus Awards needs some variety...

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