Hey everyone,

You may not know, but Mailyn and Dance Chica are no longer blogging. Dance Chica has taken down her own blog and Mailyn is using her Imaginary Origin blog as a site for her fanlistings. Kelly, Nath and I are going to be working on things around here, cleaning it up and writing reviews. So hopefully you're still visiting!!


We'll be patient, never fear.

I love the background.


I know I am. Like the new look of things and look forward to seeing regular posts here again...no hurry though. :)

Hi ames, I will keep visiting. Glad you gals are sticking with it.

I came across your blog/site when I was looking for fans of the Black Jewel Trilogy. I don't know if you'd even be interested in joining a roleplay forum based on it, but Jewels of the Blood [http://icedragon02.proboards105.com/index.cgi] is an adult forum I'm currently playing on. 18+ real as can be simulation of the novel's setting, it really has shocked me how well run it is. Apparently (and I would believe it based on 27 unique rpers) they generated 6,000 posts in three months.

That's 6,000 pieces of a user generated BJT plot. Yes, you might think its dorky, but the difference with JOTB is that we set our plots thousands of years before the events of Anne Bishop's Black Jewel Trilogy, and 400 years after. Two "timelines" for Kaeleer, Terreille, and Hell (although Hell is pretty empty :S)

Anyways, if you're interested in channeling any writing energy towards this particular kind of thing, feel free to join with an out of character account and scope around a bit. The DM- silverymage, can answer any questions you might have, as can I.

Sorry if this is "spam" on your blog, and good luck on your reading list!


We're now up to 12,000 posts, and still looking for more lovers of the Black Jewels world. Even if you don't game, it's a hot spot for great fanfiction.


Interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it. thanks

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