I can hardly contain my excitement when talking about this book so please bear with me if I suddenly run right smack into fangirl territory.

Straight from the official site:

What’s Henry to do when his parent's marriage starts to fall apart? What can he do except get on with his summer job of cleaning out Mr Fogarty’s shed. But there’s something in that shed that will turn Henry’s whole life inside out and take him into a whole different level of reality…

What’s Pyrgus to do when the animals he loves come under threat? What can he do except rescue those he can … and fall foul of those who threaten the entire Faerie Realm? Soon there’s only one thing for it and that’s to leave the realm completely…

When Henry and Pyrgus get together, an entire world hangs in the balance and those they love face nightmare dangers.

Faerie Wars is an extraordinary, page-turning read full of tension, adventure and the kind of detail that ensures you‘ll be holding your breath as the story unfolds.

I have to agree with that last statement 110%. This book was amazing and entertaining from the very first page! I read this a while back but, as usual when I find a very good book, I have no clue just what to say in order for you to know how incredible it was. This book is one rollercoaster ride from page one and you never know just what will happen next. I am very happy to say I didn't find one character that wasn't likable and the villains [and there are many in this story] are some of the best I've read. They are trully evil. Even better is the fact that Mr. Brennan shows you time and again just how cruel and sinister and downright twisted they can be.

To be sure, some of the passages may get a bit too much for those that aren't used to reading anything dark but I found it refreshing. It never felt as if the author was trying to shock the audience. It was done right enought that fit within the context of the book and to make sure you were convinced that the villains were dangerous. I was almost convinced to quote one of my favorite passages but it would give too much of what happens away and it may bother some people.

Nonetheless, don't think this is one gore moment after the other. It is not. Everything is written very well and there is no gratuitous violence. There are only a few passages dealing with the villains that may seem a bit dark for some people but you can skim them if you'd like. I suggest that this doesn't stop you from reading this most wonderful and engaging series.

The next 2 books are already out and, having read the second one, I can only tell you this series just gets better and better!

A solid 5 out of 5!

A NOTE: Although I highly recommend this book I suggest it for anyone over the age of 13 as I don't think some of the subject, and some of the violence although mild for adults, is suitable for younger children. Also, I am an animal lover and am deeply disturbed when animals are harmed in books and/or movies. However, while I was sligthly creeped out by some scenes, I assure other sensitive animal lovers out there that things don't get out of hand despite what you read in the first few pages. I almost put the book down in the first few pages when I found out what was going on but I am glad I sticked with it! If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask!


You seem to be finding pretty good reads lately. I've got this one in my TBR. It was one of the books I received for Xmas. I'm looking forward to diving into it. :-)

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I had this one as an audiobook and REALLY enjoyed it! I'll definitely be following up with the rest of the series!

I have got to say that you guys have got me hooked on these YA books, I saw this book in the store last night and thought, this is the book that I'm going to buy the next time I come here.

You guys never steer me wrong, THANKS GUYS!

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