.... and most other people. I was browsing the internet last night at work and I came across the most interesting article. R2-D2 is to collect post. When I read that, I was like, that cannot mean the obvious... Well, it does! Reportedly, as part of the 30th anniversary of the original release of the first (fourth?) Star Wars, they are making him a mailbox! I love Star Wars, so I am pretty excited. I would love to see one, but this looks like it will be a very American project. And if it was available in Canada, I do not live anywhere near a central area that would have them. I am interested in seeing the special surprise new postal stamp that coincides with this project. I will ask to any of the Americans out there that might end up with one of these mailboxes close to their house, please submit pictures! To read the article, click here


Saw that too! BF said he'd take a picture of me beside one! ::thumbs up::

I heard about this on the radio. I think it's neat. I would be afraid of it getting stolen though.

zeek: I want to see if you get a pic taken!

Ames: They must have a plan for that because that is a very big risk.

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