To celebrate TK's rebirth, we will have two contests!

Here how they work:

The first contest is simple and the goal is to spread the word about TK's rebirth! All you have to do is make a short announcement on your blog, myspace or website about TK's rebirth and link back to us using the buttons in the sidebar. Of course, if you can find better ways to let the world know about TK, go for it :D

The dateline for this contest will be March 25th, 11:59pm. Let us know that you have participated by leaving a comment and the url to your blog, myspace or website in this post! Simple, no?

The second contest is a tad more challenging, but probably much more interesting. That is, you have to write a guest review! It can be any book, as long as there is some fantasy or paranormal element. It could be a book you have just recently read or your favorite fantasy/paranormal book and it doesn't matter whether it has been already reviewed at TK or not! So, how to participate? Easy, you write your review following TK's simple guideline (really just a few requests to make all of our reviews uniform) and submit it at by April 15th, 11:59pm. Your review will most likely be post the following Tuesday or Thursday. The more guest reviews you write, the better your chances to win!

For each contest, we will have a draw to determine the winner :) But, what is the grand prize? The winners will be able to choose their own prize: a fantasy/paranormal book written by one of our featured Author of the Month! Since we have not chosen the Author of the Month for the next following months yet, the winners will be given one year to choose!

Easy, simple and you get a free book!


Here's my entry to the first part:

Good Luck Girls!!

Neat idea

Do buddy reviews count you guys? LOL

Alright ladies, I posted it on both my blogs. GOOD LUCK!

And PS, I think this is a great idea.

Big Hugs!

Here's my entry as well...

My post is up:

Fingers crossed that your relaunch goes really well!

Thanks everyone, and yes, buddy reviews count because you are a guest reviewer in order to do one!

Since Neil Gaiman is the featured author this month, and I JUST finished American Gods, I'll submit to you my review for that one!! It is here....

Thanks for posting my review!! I feel so special now!

I also posted a link on my site for the relauch!!

I posted about you as well, sorry it has taken me so long :(

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