For those of you that have already read the Thursday Next books, the next one is due out in July. Called First Among Sequels, the synopsis is found below:

Fourteen years after Thursday Next pegged out at Superhoop '88, her Jurisfiction job has been downgraded due to a potential conflict of interest, since her previous adventures are now themselves in print. Thursday's time is spent worrying about her teenage son Friday and tutoring new recruits. This being fiction, however, jeopardy is never far away. Sherlock Holmes is killed at the Rheinbach falls and his series is stopped in its tracks. Before this can be righted, Miss Marple dies in a narratively inexplicable car accident, bringing her series also to a close. Thursday, receiving a death-threat clearly intended for her written self, realises what is going on - there is a serial killer is loose in the Bookworld. Meanwhile, Goliath have perfected a 22-seater Prose Portal Luxury Coach, and plan on taking literary tourists on a holiday to the works of Jane Austen. Thursday alone realises the true intent of Goliath's unwanted incursions into fiction, but she can't fight all these battles on her own. She must team up with the one person she really can't get along with - the written Thursday Next, currently starring in The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco. But it's no time to be picky...
I really must get to reading these books. I have only read two Jasper Fforde books, but I own them all....


I really need to read these too! I haven't read any at all and everyone always raves about these books. I got the first one in Thursday Next series for my birthday. I'm hoping to put it on my "summer reading list". (Yeah, I'm doing up lists like you, for the books I want to read this summer. :-P)

hey girls, I emailed ya my review for the contest and also, when I load your page the pictures seem to be overlapping the blurbs on the reviews you post? Just wondering if I'm the only one whose seeing it?

Dance Chica: I am always making lists, now to actually follow them...

Zeek: I don't see that on my computer, but I find that blogs look different on other computers...

Can not WAIT for this book!!

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