Kellen's mother has always insisted that her only child was born male, not female, so Kellen has been raised as a boy. Then she is forced to go to school, where she meets Gryffin, whose mind is as strong as his legs are damaged, and the two become friends and allies. A few years later, the two get jobs working at a nearby inn, the Parmer Arms. When it is discovered that Gryffin is the kingdom's new Dream-Maker, someone whose mere presence can help dreams come true, he is whisked away to the castle, leaving Kellen behind. By now, their friendship is shading into something more.Will it endure?
This is book three in The Safe-Keeper series following on from The Safe-Keeper's Secret and The Truth-Teller's Tale.

This was my favourite in the trilogy I think. I really enjoyed all the characters in this book more than the characters in the other books. The way that all the pieces of the novel come together is very interesting. The main character is Kellen, her mother thought for sure she gave birth to a boy, so she raised her daughter as a boy for years. It took Kellan to get her own identity and break away from the norms that her mother set for her. She gets her own life and meets some very interesting people along the way.

Gryffin helps her out a great deal. They are both outcasts at school, Kellen because she is not sure if she is a boy or a girl and Gryffin because his legs are damaged. Between the two of them, they work together to get their lives together and be happy. Gryffin also is the new dream-maker, taken over from the older woman that lost her powers in The Truth-Teller's Tale. Dream-makers grant wishes, but rarely have any good luck themselves. Gryffin's good luck comes, though, but will Kellen and him be able to be together when he is the dream-maker is for you to find out by reading this book.

A very fine ending to a great Sharon Shinn trilogy.


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