Ladies and Gents, it is my pleasure to present a very new interview with Rene Lyons. She is the author of the Templar Vampire Series, and she is here today to answer both our question and any that you may have to ask her. She will also be back in the next couple days to do a guest blog post and there is a rumour of a give-away, so stay tuned! The books in her series so far are as follows: Midnight Sun, The Daystar and Tempting Darkness. You can read her blog by clicking here.

Twisted Kingdom: What is your favourite colour?
Rene Lyons: People always think it's black. Actually, it's white.

TK: What is your favourite food?
RL: Lasagna.

TK: Do you have any pets?
RL: Little Man and Bugsy are my two cats and I have one fish named Al Capone.

TK: Is it hard being a mom and an author at the same time, or do you have a nice balance?
RL: Most of the time I've found that perfect balance. But there are days when it's pure chaos around here and I can't even think.

TK:What is your favourite author/book?
RL:This Is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland, who also happens to be my favorite author. That woman could write a grocery list and I'd buy it. I also adore Anya Bast. I don't read much erotica, but I truly get lost in her books.

TK: Besides yourself, what is your favourite author/book from Samheim Publishing? Why do you recommend it?
RL: Nuermar's Last Witch by AE Rought is the sort of book that grabs you and doesn't let go until the last page. I loved the depth of the characters and the urgency of AE's writing style.

TK: What is it like to make the move from e-books to seeing your books in print? Did you feel the same for both experiences, or was one more exciting than the other?
RL: Although it was incredible to know my book was available as an eBook, the truth is, there's nothing like seeing your book in print. When I first held Midnight Sun - turned the pages, saw my words on paper - I felt as if I were in a wonderful dream I never wanted to wake from.

TK: Do you have rules for how your female characters are going to act in your books as a female author, or do they just take on roles of their own? (I'm sorry, I had to ask...)
RL: The only rule I make sure I stick to is that, none of my heroines can be Too Stupid To Live. I have no problem scrapping an entire book and re-writing it if she falls into that awful catagory.

TK: Which cover is your favourite? Was it weird to ask your friend to appear on the front of one your books?
RL: The Awakening is my favorite cover. I designed and created it myself, so I'm really proud of it. Andy Douglas and I had only just met when he was on the cover of Tempting Darkness (he's also on the cover of The Awakening). And no, it's not weird at all to have him on my books. In fact, it makes those two books very special to me. I'm blessed to have him as a friend. He's an amazing person.

TK: If you were given the chance of going back and re-write a scene or a character, what would it be?
RL: I'd re-write Midnight Sun. Yes, the entire book. I'd put back in a lot of Sebastian and the Templar's backstory that was taken out during edits. I'd also extend certain scenes between Sebastian and Allie that I now see played out in more detail in my mind.

TK: If you got offered the chance to make a movie or television series of your books, would you do it? Why or why not? And if you would, who would you like to see playing the lead roles?
RL: Of course I'd love to see my Templars in a movie or a television series! Wentworth Miller would have to play Sebastian. I'd have to have Andy Douglas play Lucian, because now, that's who I envision when I think of that character. As to Constantine, Raphael, and Tristan, maybe your readers can help me with who could play them.

TK: What's happening in the future? Any release dates for new books or new series that you will be working on?
RL: I'm writing Eternal Sin, the fourth installment of the Templar Vampire Series. Come July 31st, The Seraphim: Setheus will be released as an eBook. In October, Tempting Darkness will become available in print. The Awakening will also be released in October through Tease Publishing. Stella Price and I, along with a handful of other authors, are working on a project we plan on completing for Fall of this year. I can't say much about it yet, but I can tell you this: The New Generation of Romance is coming soon!

Upon completion of this interview, I have another question, so if Rene happens to read this, maybe you could say in the comments what readers can expect from The Seraphim: Setheus.


Great interview!!!!

So, you want to know about Setheus, huh?

Well, it's a story about a woman's desperation to find out who she is. In her journey of self-discovery she finds Seth - who just happens to be a fallen angel who is the guardian of a stone that contains the heart of a demon.

I'm in edits with it now, so once I'm past those I promise to post a juicy excerpt on my blog. ;)

Thnak you so much for the interview. It was great fun to answer those questions!

Awesome interview!

Thanks for explaining Setheus!

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