Colleen Gleason just emailed to say that Rises the Night has been spotted in a Walgreen's in Texas, so that means that it should start appearing in stores across North America. Just remember, you do not have to buy it, just drop the digital camera in your purse when you go grocery shopping or make sure you have battery on your camera phone, and when you spot it, just take a picture and send it into Twisted Kingdom. If you live in the United States, Canada, and Australia, you have to try and find it outside the bookstore, but if you live anywhere else, anywhere you see it is fine. So far... I have one picture. So, hopefully I will get a few more between now and July 10th. The email is twisted_kingdom_blog AT hotmail DOT com. Although if you forget and send it to the regular email, those will count as well!


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Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with books. Early photos show me with a book in hand, even if it was not exactly my reading level... My first word was a made-up word meaning 'book', actually. I suppose I had my priorities at an early age... Over the years my interest in books has become one of the defining features of who I am as a person. You can probably call me a bookworm. While I have other interests, reading will always be the one I talk about the most, even if I am not focusing on it as much as I used to.