All Together Dead is the seventh installment in Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) series.

Is it just me, or does that look like Eric on the cover? I hope we get some more Eric screen time! It seems like we will if the events that occurred in the last book are any indiacator.

This book will be availabe May 2007. You can pre-order from Amazon.

For more information, you can visit Charlaine Harris's website.

So, any Sookie fans? Who are you rooting for? Personally, my favorite is Eric--hot, viking, vampire warrior. Yum! ;-)


Yes, I'd be happy for more Eric time, although I still have to read Definitely Dead yet. I always kind of like Alcide as well though...not Bill!! The thing that would be nice to see is a paranormal creature that didn't think Sookie was irresistible! LOL!!

Eric. no contest!

"The thing that would be nice to see is a paranormal creature that didn't think Sookie was irresistible! LOL!!"

Oh I know! It IS starting to get a little ridiculous, isn't it? Harris does somewhat explain the reason for this in DD but still...

While I do still enjoy reading this series, I can see myself losing interest in the near future. I really hope that Harris figures out where she wants to go with this series 'cause I kind of feel like she's just going at the seat of her pants which is okay, but the series needs some more direction, I think. :-/

Angela - LOL! I'm right there with ya! ;-)

Nice cover. :) My vote is for Quinn as Sookie's man since she is going to be involved in the were community so much now that her brother is a were-panther. Quinn's also a big powerful guy that'll hopefully protect Sookie from getting beat up so much. I think Sookie will also want to take a break from vamps for a while as they tend use and abuse her way too much.

Wow, that's a cute cover snob ass definitely gives that one a thumbs up!

This series has the best covers. I've only read through book 4 so far, and am still having trouble letting go of Bill. ;p

Dark Reader - I liked Quinn, but he just didn't do it for me like the other characters. Actually, I'm holding my opinion of him off until I see more of his character 'cause we didn't really learn much about him. He remained very mysterious. Makes me wonder what he's hiding! LOL.

Dylan - LOL! Yeah, all of Harris's covers in this series have been along the same vein. Some people have said they're too cutesy but I like them. :-)

Jennie - LOL. I liked Bill at first but after book three...:-P


i love the books i have 1-5 im gunna get 6-7 i like Alcide but i think MAybe Eric is a major role in the story to.....

I want to see more Quinn. It would be nice to see someone who isn't duplicitous in Sookies life. After all she has enough issues with her day to day life, it would be nice for her to have someone to occasionally lean on. It wouldn't be too overbearing since he has his own life, and job. I think Quinn plays the best balance for story, and leaving her free enough to get in and out of trouble with apparently no way out.

It's gotta be Eric, at least I hope. He's my favorite out of all of Sookies' suitors. All in favor say aye!

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I think Eric will play a big role i mean after katrina and the strom and taking the queen's house down and russel (king) dying they have to cover it all up and sookie leaving again is NOT doing much for sookie and Quinn's relationship.But iam rooting for him ALL the way !!!

I can't wait for more Eric time! Even though he's a jerk, he wants Sookie bad! He's just denying that his awesome butt would want just one girl!! Too bad Quinn, maybe you shouldn't have doner it in your pants so fast!!

The book is out! After reading it, I can tell you there's still hope for Sookie getting together with Eric. don't get me wrong, I love Quinn to death, but just not with Sookie. She's reserved for our favorite blonde viking vamp!

C'mon guyz Erik is a ponsy self obsessed 'viking'. Quinn treats her way better. But i recon she should get together with Sam he luvs her and is always there...

Damn, hardly any of you said nething bout Alcide! I'm in love with this man! Hes hott as hell! Why not all the other characters, you say? Well Eric, like u all said, is conceeded and hes already fucked her, so sex scenes wouldn't be all that exciting. Bill is a liar, cheater, and a douche canoe. Quinn's bald and says "babe" way too damn much. Sam, he has red hair, not all my type. Last but not least, Andre, (whom I dont know alot about because I haven't read All Together Dead yet) sounds too shy and loyal to the Queen. Therefore leaving Alcide her perfect match. With those big green eyes, dark curly hair, and that rabbit birthmark on his right butt cheek!
....k thanx

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I can't help it... but I am still totally in love wih Bill. It's obvious they do still care for eachother.. secretly. And I know he cheated, but every one deserves a second chance, right? BEsides, Lorena would have killed Sookie. He just did it for her protection.
Second - She should get with Eric. I think he secretly loves sookie! AWW! And he's freaking hot!
Third- Alcide!!!! Why was she so mean to him in Dead as a Doornail?!!? I wanted to hug him SO bad when his dad was killed!! =(

But that's pretty much it for the guys.
Except for the fact that Quinn is a FAG!!!!!!

He sounds extremely ugly!!! AHHHH!

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she should go with sam. they've known each other for ages, and even sookie admitted that they'd always had something between them!
i'd be okay with her going with alcide, but considering what happened with the whole debbie thing and also his dad, they've got almost no hope, although they still like each other.
i know bill and her like havent gotten over their thing, but how could she trust him???
and quinn just creeps me out!
so sam is definitely who she should go with!!!!!

oh my gosh-i don't know why people hink she should go with bill-how could he do those things to her? ok i thnk she should either go with sam or alcide but not quinn come on guys, he's BALD!!! she can get heaps better
as for eric well i think that i would prefer hm over bill or quinn any ddqay of the week-but he's a vampire so she definatly go with alcide or sam

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