I noticed the other day that I was wrong. I have not read all of the Han's Christian Andersen fairy tales. I was thinking of Charles Perrault, so by exploring fairy tales, I am actually getting to read ones that I have never read before!

The Fir-Tree - Hans Christian Andersen
When I began this story, I immediately thought of another children's story that I read. I might even still have it around the house somewhere, but it is about a Christmas tree that wants to be big like the trees around it, so it stretches itself and winds up with a large bump in it that makes it not as beautiful. This Andersen story is likely the story that this one is based off of. In the Andersen one, the tree is impatient. It wants what it can't have, and is miserable until it gets it. This story has the moral, though, that while it is good to dream, you should appreciate what you have when you have it, because you might miss it when you get the thing you want more than anything. It's a sad fairy tale, but the tree gets what it deserves.

The Frog-King, or Iron Henry - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Many people likely know the story about the frog that turns into a prince, but many people believe that it happened by the young lady kissing the frog and it becomeing a prince. Urban legend, that is not what happens at all! Want to find out how he magically changes? Read the story, you might be surprised. This is the story of a spoiled princess that is used to getting whatever she wants. She loses her ball in a well and promises the frog that he can be her companion if he rescues it for her. The princess does not think she will actually have to keep her promise, but she gets a rude awakening!

Cat and Mouse in Partnership - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
This might seem like a strange title, as cats and mice are normally enemies, not friends. It is a rather humourous story in its unorthodox friendships, but also in just how shifty the cat is. I had read it before, and forgotten how funny I found the relationship. Cats are sly creatures, though, and the mouse finds out just how much so too late to do anything about it!

Want to read these fairy tales over again?
Click here for Grimm's: here
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I know I've read all the Grimms but I don't honestly remember if I have read all o Anderson. I love the old faerie tales with all the evilness they had. LOL.

Nowadays we get the watered-down versions.

Yep! I am glad someone finally commented. Now I will post take two because I have at least one reader...

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