No, I didn't read another novel yet. Instead, since it was the beginning of the month, I visited Kelley Armstrong's website. It seems that many among us are already fans of her work, but for those who are not familiar with her, she is the author of the Women of the Otherworld series. This series is about women who are paranormal creatures and their adventures :D

In addition of writing very good books, Kelley Armstrong also maintains a very good website, which I think is really a plus. At the beginning of each month, there is an update with some treats for the readers :D Also, on her website, you'll find some novellas which are all related to the Women of the Otherworld series.

**There is no spoilers of the series, so feel free to read on and participate to the discussion even if you haven't read the series.

So what I wanted to talk about in this post was her next book, which is No Human Involved, or perhaps, more specifically, the love relationship that might occur. In this book, the narrator is going to be Jaime, a forty-something years old necromancer, who first appeared in Industrial Magic and since then, had have steady appearance in all other books. As everyone who has read the books know, Jaime has a crush on Jeremy. Jeremy is the alpha male of the werewolves clan. So, a necromancer and a werewolf... is there a future to this relationship? So far in the books, Jaime has a crush on Jeremy and Jeremy is quite oblivious... actually, he's quite absent-minded and I wonder if he ever felt love for a woman... In No Human Involved, Jaime is the main character and Jeremy is part of the novel. I can't really imagine Jaime falling in love with another character, but at the same time, I don't know if Jaime and Jeremy have a future together.

Basically, here is what might keep them apart:

- Jaime is a necromancer... Starting from their 60's, very few still are still sane.
- Jeremy is a 55 years old werewolf who look like in his late 30's. As a werewolf, he has prolonged youth...

I bet that right now, Jaime and Jeremy look really good as a couple, but what about in 10-15 years? Also, in the last novel Broken, Jaime met another necromancer who has lost her sanity and this has shaken up Jaime a lot. She've known a long time ago that her future wasn't looking good, as she also has seen her grandmother becoming crazy, but I think that this time, it was really a shock. So I wonder... possible or not possible? I mean, Jaime is not vain, but still... she's going to age and at one point, she's going to look older than Jeremy... is she going to be able to accept it? Or is this going to become a drift between the two?

I know that actually, lots of fans are not in favor for this couple. Personally, I'd really like Jaime and Jeremy to get together... I guess I'll have to wait till May to find out...

Oh, and again, what do you think of the timeline of the whole series? It seems that the timeline of the series is advancing quite fast... I mean, from book 1, Bitten, to Broken, how much time has passed already? 5 - 6 years? Savannah was first 13 years old... and now, she's going to college... I think it's going a bit fast to my taste, but this is particularly because I'm not fond of having the characters of a series grow "old." I mean, it doesn't matter for the werewolves and vampires of this series, but the sorcerers, witches, necro and even demons all age as normal rate and so... I don't reallywant to see a book featuring Paige and Lucas in their 50's ^^; So what do you think?

ps. if I'm not wrong, Kelley Armstrong has extended her contract and they'll be at least 10 books in the series. Book 7 is No Human Involved which features Jaime. Book 8 will have Hope, a chaos demon, as the narrator... Book 9 should be about Cassandra, a vampire and finally, Book 10 is still undecided... I'm hoping Savannah, a witch...


I have only read the first book in this series, but I have got the second one here now to read. I am looking forward to reading them all!

I've been wanting to see Jaime & Jeremy get together for a while now. Its possible that Jeremy's strong presence could be a stabilizing influence on Jaime and I think he would work hard at helping Jaime maintain her sanity.

**Warning Broken book spoilerage**
Another future book I thought that Armstrong hinted at in Broken was the twins being kidnapped by someone in the supernatural black market since pureblood werewolf babes/cubs were so valuable. Then Elena, Clay and the rest of the pack would have to fight to get the babes back. Armstrong probably has no plans for this, but I think It'd make a cool book as I'd love to see more of Elena & Clay. :D

Marg - you are going to get hooked :D I thought Bitten was okay, but Stolen is much better as well as Industrial Magic and Broken :D

Dark Reader -

well, pureblood werewolf are a first no? what i mean is that werewolf cubs with both parents as werewolves is a first... but maybe you're talking about werewolf cub in general? Me, I just wonder if they are going to be able to turn into werewolves at a young age or not...

Yeah, I wish that Jaime and Jeremy will get together and you're right, perhaps that Jeremy will be able to keep Jaime sane... It's too bad that there is no sharing of powers in Kelley Armstrong series... for once, I hope there was...

Wait, she's in her 60's? Huh? I think I read that wrong. At least I HOPE I did. LOL. Necromancer is good but why did she have to go for a werewolf?!?!? I hate werewolves. LOL.

I still may read this. Can't pass up a good necro.

Hey Mailyn,

no, not 60's!!! LOL She's about 40, but still a really cool character. What I meant is that necro in this series start to lose their sanity in their 60's. And you really have to give a try to Jeremy tho... in my opinion, he's one of the most un-werewolfish werewolf character i've ever read about, which is why he's soooo cool ;D

you know what, if you really want to know if the series is for you or not, go to the author's website and read the first novella Savage... it'll give you a taste of the story :D

great idea! I am trying that but yikes, she's 40!

well, Jaime doesn't appear till Industrial Magic, but I bet you will still like her!!! She doesn't really act like 40... most of the time, she's like 35 in my head if it can help you :P

The first novel of this series is Bitten which features Elena, a werewolf. Her partner (and yeah, partner... not mate, what a nice change :P) is Clay... You have to know that in this series, there's two ways to be a werewolf: either you are born one (the gene is transmitted via the Y genes of the men... so there is only male werewolf) or you are bitten. Another particularity is that you don't start to change into werewolf form till your puberty... but in Clay's case, he was bitten when he was a kid, probably 6-7 years old... so he's special as in he was able to change very early and that's why his attitude is more of a wolf than a man. Later in his life, he bit Elena... which is at the moment, the only female werewolf (women don't go through the change easily)... Anyway, in the first book Elena is already a werewolf and their pack is in danger...

As for the three novellas: Savage, Ascension and Beginnings, those are like prequels to Bitten. It follows mainly Clay from his young age to the moment he bites Elena... which is really cool, cos in Bitten, you only get parts and bits of their pasts.

Unfortunately tho, there is no Jaime's short story... but still, give the series a try Mailyn!! :D

I love Bitten, but have not gotten to read the others yet. I had not read the novellas yet, thanks for sharing about their existence.

welcome Kris :D

You should read the novellas... as it doesn't really spoil anything for the future :D

OK, I will try the first novella in the series over on her site. Will def keep you posted about what I think on this. :-)

Hi, I was just wondering but who knows the actual time lines of the books & e-books? As in what happened first and how many years/weeks/months the next book happened?

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