In the mail today I got shiny new copies of The Complete Hans Christian Andersen and The Comple Grimm's Fairy Tales. I am not the sort that is going to sit down and reading these books in one sitting, so here is what I chose to do. I will read at least one Grimm's Tale and one Andersen tale each week until I have both books completed. I love fairy tales, and I own both of these books already, but they are old and I can't read them anymore without worrying about them falling apart. I should be careful saying that old, they might have belonged to my parents... Also, The Grimm's version of mine is missing its book jacket. These are shinny new books to explore. Some I reread recently, others I haven't read in years. So, even if no one else looks forward to it, I look forward to reading these tales all over again.


You got cool!!!

Oh this sounds really cool!

I have both sets and I read a story a night to my kids. We've been reading them together for 5 years, and they never get tired of the stories.

Very nice purchases!

I know! I have already read the first stories, but I need to figure out what I am going to do in the way of talking about them.

LOVE these!!!!! The original tales are so gory and much like faerie tales where back then. Not all sugary sweet like Disney's today.

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