Twisted Kingdom was born a little more than 8 months ago with the intent to review fantasy and paranormal books, guide new readers in the genre, host lively discussions and be a blog where people in need of recommendations would come. Unfortunately, not everything has gone the way we've wanted and instead of the lively and awesome Twisted Kingdom, this blog fell in the category of "trying to survive" blogs where you would get sporadic post every one or two weeks, with Kailana bravely trying to hold the fort and not let it crumble down. Well, those days are over! No, we are not announcing that Twisted Kingdom will close down or going in hiatus, instead, we are very glad and proud to announce that March 15th will mark the day of Twisted Kingdom's rebirth. Like a phoenix, Twisted Kingdom will rise from its ashes and be born again into something beautiful and wonderful - at least, we hope so :P However, in order to do so, we will need your help and participation! Fans of fantasy, paranormal and even romance...

Welcome to Twisted Kingdom v.2

To celebrate Twisted Kingdom's rebirth and to make the blog livelier, members at Twisted Kingdom - aka TK - have come up with the following ideas/features:

On the 15th of each month, we will have the Author of the Month feature in which a member will introduce a fantasy/paranormal author that they like, coupled with TK TBR challenge. The TK TBR challenge will be any book written by the author of the month, but to help you out, a suggestion will be given. You don't need to sign up for the TK TBR challenge; however, if you take up the challenge and complete it or if you have already read the book, we will ask you to participate to a discussion hosted a few days before the next feature of Author of the Month.

In addition, we want you, fellow readers of TK, to participate and make this blog better and so, we will post guest reviews from you! All you have to do is read a book with a fantasy or paranormal element, write a review following our simple guideline, submit it to and it will be post on the following Tuesday or Thursday!

Also, there will be more reviews from us, as those will be post on Mondays and Fridays, and to keep thing interesting, we will have more buddy reviews as well! These buddy reviews will be post on every other Wednesday. Furthermore, Kailana will resume her Fairy Tale Feature on the other Wednesdays.

If you have any other suggestions to make TK more interesting, please let us know! We hope that all will support TK's rebirth and to start thing up, here are TWO contests! Stay tune to know about them, as they will be posted tomorrow, Friday!
ps - they will be changes in the layout and sidebars too in the following days...


Well, Cool. I've added you to my blogroll which will get me to stop by more often ... don't know why I didn't before!!!

Very exciting. The changes sound awesome and I can't wait.

Nice job!

Zeek - Yeah! Yes, please, stop by more often!!

Holly - you won't have to wait for long, promise!

Hope you girls will enjoy the new changes and all :D

Hey, I enjoyed the site pre-rebirth but I'm super excited for the changes that will be happening.

Hey there, can't wait for the new look! Great site and I love the reviews. There are so many!

I've even added you to my blogroll. Keep up the fantastic work!

You guys are doing a great thing here, you've introduced me to authors that I haven't heard of and have come to love by your reviews, thanks so much and I look forward to the changes and features of TK...keep up the good work ladies!


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Welcome to Twisted Kingdom - a review site for science fiction and fantasy books.

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