City of Bones by Cassandra Clare: DNF
published by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing in March 2007 (HC)

Don't be deceived by the following plot [from Amazon]:

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder -- much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It's hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing -- not even a smear of blood -- to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace's world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know. . . .

Let me just start by telling you that this is the first time EVER I will be getting my money back. I am the type that figures if you bought it then you stick it out. However, I hadn't come across such a horrible read as this one in such a long time I think I deserve my money back.

How bad was it? A Did Not Finish. I barely got past the first 20 pages and I felt I was in a very, very bad episode of Buffy [from back in Season 1 when everything was so campy and horrid you couldn't help but wince].

Mind you and I am a HUGE Buffy fan.

Oddly enough what I find most disappointing was not the book itself but the fact that one of my absolute favorite YA writers recommended it. I don't know what Holly Black was thinking. In fact, I am willing to bet she didn't even have time to read the book and just read the description, saw faeries and figured it had to be good.

I bought the book because she spoke so highly about it. I have never done this. Ever. I don't buy books because of author quotes. EVER. But Holly Black is so amazing with her dark faeries and I figured what the hell.

I am never, ever doing that again.

Let's see, where to begin. Oh yes. We have a seemingly normal teenager walking into a club. Somehow I get the idea she isn't of the "in" crowd and her and her friend probably stick out like a sore thumb but what the hell I'm going with it. Out of the blue [remember she is supposed to be normal] she sees a boy following a girl and figures they are about to get it on but what bothers her is that they are being followed by two more boys. Now, anyone else would have A)figured they were all friends or whatnot and B)minded their own business. But not our heroine. She thinks this is weird and so she proceeds to follow them all into the storage closet.

Now, how big this storage closet is that there are 3 boys, 2 girls AND that the first four fail to notice our heroine hiding in the darkness, well, I don't know. Also, they are all super humans or not human and they can track each other yet they fail to detect a mere mortal hiding a few paces from where they are all standing.

It just gets better and better.

Of course our heroine mistakes the scene for a gang rivalry and figures they are going to kill the one boy they all followed. Instead of going to get help what does our heroine do? You probably saw this coming: she yells at them to stop what they are doing because killing humans is just plain wrong.

I didn't make that up. I paraphrased. No joke.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that, before she decided to speak up, she was pretty scared thinking that these were not your average weirdos what with their talk of demons and supernatural beings.

Raise your hand if you would have run back the way you came.

Raise your hand if you would have gotten an adult, like one of the bouncers, to help.

Raise your hand if you wouldn't have even follow the lot of them into a storage closet because it was none of your damn business.

Since I couldn't believe my eyes I decided to check out some reviews on Amazon and, apparently, I should have checked them out first. It seems I wasn't mistaking and this book is a cross between every fantasy novel that ever was from Buffy to Harry Potter to Star Wars to god-knows what else.

I could have tried to read some more but not only was the plot horrific, so was the writing. This was somebody's fan fiction gone wrong.

I would have overlooked all of this if indeed it WAS someone's fan fiction but a professional book that cost no less than $18 USD?

Oh you bet I will be getting my money back. And if they ask me why at the bookstore I am not even going to lie. I am going to tell them that it just plain stinks.


I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like City of Bones... It seems that people are extremely divided on this book - they either love it or hate it. Personally, I really enjoyed it and cannot wait until the next one in the trilogy. :)

For me it was too much fan fiction and not enough professional or even new ideas. It was all done before and done a lot better. But I know what you mean. I've seen other reviews and it's indeed as you say. People either love it or hate it.

OMG, your review is cracking me up!! LOL Okay, this was really a funny review... Mind you, our heroine is not supposed to be old enough to get in a club, so perhaps she doesn't how she should act LOL :) I've done it once or twice, buying a book based on author quotes, but I don't anymore... most of them, probably just write some quotes at random and that's it... which is quite sad.

Uh oh, that Amazon plot summary would have sucked me right in. Yick. Thanks for the warning.

Huh. I really liked that book, and although some your points make sense - how many books have you read where the main character actually runs away when she sees something strange, gets an adult, and doesn't investigate? Because I'm thinking those books are probably mighty short books.

Of course she followed them - she's a female main character in a fantasy book. They tend to do that.

You said you didn't get past the first 20 pages or so? Did you get past the club scene? Because I'll admit, that scene made me go "meh...could be better, could be worse", but the rest of the book was excellent.

It might have been somewhat typical for a YA fantasy novel, but hey, why buy someone's debut YA fantasy novel if you want something other than a typical YA fantasy novel?

Oh, and the Holly Black comment? You probably didn't notice, as you seem to be the kind of person who doesn't really look at the subtext and the fine print, but Cassandra Clare and Holly Black were in the same writing group. Holly was probably there throughout the whole process of writing the book, and they're probably friends. Of course she read it.

You thought that was a terrible book?

That's fine.

I thought that was a terrible review.

i don't understand. i personally loved the book, and maybe if you had finished it you would have realised that the plot was very good and the relationships were very endearing. i can see where you are coming from though. it is kinda strange in the beginning, but it gets much, much better.

love the book...dont understand that if u bought it...might as well read it since u have it...all in all i couldnt get enough of the book....and to be honest i dont read much..just starting to and this has to be my favorite so far and im glad i read it <3

I liked the book very much, I don't think you are right. A lot of people seem to agree with me so...this time you are wrong. And first maybe you should read the summary of the book before buying it. People don't have the same taste, not event the most excellent authors need to have the same taste you do. And that things you said were really mean. Some people like the book. If you think the book sucked keep that to yourself.

personally i have to completely disagree---i mean yeah, they aren't brand-new concepts, but what in fantasy is these days? I mean, if you're talking about it being like Star Wars, well that's just a conglomerate of every fantasy archetype, isn't it? it's not the concept, it's what you do with it.

i think you really should have finished the book---a lot of books have bad set-up scenes but get better. i didn't actually think the first scene was that bad, but that's my opinion....

i have to point something out though---they did go get an adult! i've reread the book more than once, and they most definitly alerted the bouncers, before Clary went in anyway. they actually got kicked out of the club when Simon showed up with a bunch of bouncers.

i'm sorry, but the size of the storage closet? that's a pretty low blow. much, much worse things have happened in books.

that's about the lowest unrealistic complaint i've ever heard. if people in fantasy novels did all normal things, the books would be boring and very short. i can think of about one hundred better examples of unrelistic characters (*cough cough anything bella swan ever did cough cough*)

and, as someone above said, i'm very sure that Holly Black read the entire book. she went on a tour with Cassandra Clare. they were in the same writing group. She wasn't just lending a big-name to a book based on the plot description.

i'm sorry you didn't write the book, but i'm sure you could have come up with better things to complain about. don't smear things you haven't bothered to finish. i'd rather you share books you liked than trash books most other people enjoyed.

i really liked this book.
but yeah, it is a love it or hate it book.

Okay, listen. The thing that bothers me is that you seem to have gotten your facts mixed up. Or you just didn't pay close enough attention. Your first comment is that they're in a club when Clary sees weird people and follows them. That you got right. Here’s where you seem to start to get mixed up: "Now, anyone else would have A)figured they were all friends or whatnot and B)minded their own business. But not our heroine. She thinks this is weird and so she proceeds to follow them all into the storage closet." Uh, no. When she first sees them she doesn't do anything but watch them. Then one of the guys pulls out a knife. Now tell me; what normal person would see a girl and a boy go into a storage closet, followed by two other boys when one has a knife out, and think 'Oh, they're just friends.' or 'It's none of my business.' Yeah. 'Cause that's what she should've done.

Then, instead of developing a hero complex and running after them, she tells her friend Simon about the knife and he goes to get a bouncer. Does 'Raise your hand if you would have gotten an adult, like one of the bouncers, to help.' ring any bells? Well, she sees Jace and Alec (I'm done trying to make this simple for you, can you tell?) go into the storage closet. Simon is still trying to make it across the room. When you think someone is about to be hurt (or worse) and you've already done all you can, what else are you to do but try and stall until the proper authorities get there?

Let me guess. You would've stood in the middle of the room and done nothing. Because that really makes you a good, brave person who should have books written about them. And because books just move right along when the main character stands around and does nothing, even when there is evidence proving that they should do something.

Also: "Instead of going to get help what does our heroine do? You probably saw this coming: she yells at them to stop what they are doing because killing humans is just plain wrong." She'd sent for help, but it hadn't shown up yet, as I've already said. Oh, and the 'yelling at them that killing humans is just plain wrong' thing? She told them she wouldn't leave because if she did, Jace would kill the other boy. Jace asked her, more or less, "Why shouldn't I kill him?"

Now, if someone asks you why they shouldn't kill a person, what's the first thing that jumps into your head? "Because it's against the law"? "Because it's immoral"? In other words, "Because killing humans is just plain wrong"? Or maybe you're one of those types who would answer "Oh, no reason, but do it outside so you don't get blood on the carpet." Yeah.

Also, I'm not a Buffy fan, so I don't know if "Because killing humans is just plain wrong." is a cheesy line from Season 1 or whatever, but if it is, the actual line is "Because you can't just go around killing people." And, if you think about it, what better answer is there to the question "What do you care if I kill him or not?"

Another complain of yours (god, they just keep coming, don't they?): "Oh, I think I forgot to mention that, before she decided to speak up, she was pretty scared thinking that these were not your average weirdoes what with their talk of demons and supernatural beings." Uh-huh. And if you were in a storage closet with people calling each other demons, and no one protesting these accusations, you wouldn't be thinking "They're crazy"? What, exactly, would you think? "Let's invite them over for pizza and a couple sodas. Maybe we can be friends"?

I suggest that you reread the book and pay closer attention to the details. I have no idea how you hated this book; I was hooked from page one. I won't even bother mentioning Holly Black. If you've already returned your book, I have two words for you if you don't want to pay another 18 dollars:

Public. Library.

One last thing; your review is a train wreck. Next time you review a book, make sure you know what you're talking about. I feel sorry for the person who thanked you because “that Amazon plot summary would have sucked me right in”; they missed out on a great book. And I feel sorry for you, because you did, too.

The person that wrote this review has dropped off the face of the planet, so she has not been reading these. Considering all the discussion that is going on, I believe I will checking out this book in the New Year, so everyone check back then to see my thoughts.

Big spoiler! Careful!!

I've got to say, I wish I'd had your brains and had stopped before I wasted those four hours of my life on this dribble. It was trash. I'm willing to give myself up to the incredulity of stories, and to the general idiocy that drives some people, so none of the protagonist's actions really bothered me, but the novel itself was so... shallow. Cliché. I was able to call every plot twist before it happened. Ah, no, EXCEPT for my favorite moment of bad fanficness - whoops! your love interest is your brother. But no biggie, ladies and gentlemen she moves on! Damn fast too. I'd probably be down for a few monthes, but for our heroine this apparently isn't much of an issue.

City of Bones. It killed me. Literally.

Wow! some people are just burning you up. It is quite funny, but I do see your point. I started reading this book in the summer read the first 30 or so pages and absolutely hated it. I read two of Holly Black's book loved them but was out of material to read. So I decided to give the book another try I stuck it out until i got a little farther in the book.... after finishing it i discovered that it really is an awesome book. I would consider reading it(:

I agree with what a few people have said above...

If you didn't bother to read past the first 20 pages, then I can't really give any credit to your review.

The club scene is a bit... what's the word... cheesy. But if you'd read farther you would have realized that the entire book does not continue in the same method.

Also, since you mentioned Holly Black, does Val usually run away from things she should? Umm, no, I didn't think so.

And Holly Black has read the books, I assure you. She and Cassandra are actually very good friends.

Mind you, I'm biased, for I have been with CC since she was still writing The Draco Trilogy, and fell in love with her writing there.

But even stepping back, I find your criticism loosely jointed and not worthwhile, because you didn't even finish the book.


i really didnt like the ending i thought Clary would end up with Jace .. the whole fact tht they are bro n sis has ruined it for me :(

i just want to say that reviewing a book after 20 pages is VERY unprofessional. And now some people are being turned off this book because one narrow-minded buffy fan didn't like the start? please! I personally couldn't make it past the first twenty pages of Holly Black's Ironside, but i don't go around telling everyone else not to read it based on the first chapter.

Oh these are hilarious beyond measure!!! Point is, I was hooked on the first page. Especially with Simon. That kid is hil-ar-i-ous!!! What he was saying to get Clary's attention at the club?? Priceless. Anyhow, you can't write a review on the first 20 pages of a book. That's - for a lack of a better word - ridiculous. And Rave?? You're my new found hero. What you said made me laugh. And it's all true, too!! But to those who are relying on what-ever-her-name-is' review, don't bother. Use your senses:: are most books amazing in the first 20 pages?? Like, come on!!


Rave, thank you! Your comment was the best one on here.

Trying to review a book that you didn't even finish is pointless. Why in the world would you even bother to think about it anymore if you hated it so much? To warn other people? Well, maybe it's just me, but I don't tend to put much stock into reviews like this anyway. When I read a bad one, it normally just makes me want to check out the book/CD/whatever even more.

I thought City Of Bones was great. Sure, it's not the best piece of YA literature I've read. If you think about it long enough, like I tend to do, you can notice some discrepancies in the writing. Whether it's me over thinking it, carelessness, or things that have yet to be explained, I have no idea.

To Elyse, who says Clary moved on way to fast from the fact that Jace was her brother:
Did you read the sequel yet? Because let me tell you, she hasn't moved on.
Not only that, but read City Of Ashes and tell me that you honestly think that they're really siblings.

I think it's a great book. Granted, there probably won't be very many people who actually read this. That's fine; I feel better anyways.

Don't let one bad review make you decide to pick up the book...because this isn't reliable at all.

You sound like the kind of reader that thinks Twilight was amazing. City of Bones was awesome!! It was one of the most amusing books I'd read in along time since Harry Potter. Clare has really good dialogue throughout the book and her characters aren't flat. I love the sarcasm. You suck. I can't believe you like The House of Night series hahaha. That is hilarious. Horrible writing, static characters, etc. suck suck suck.

And by the way - if you knew anything about Holly Black, she and Cassie Clare are friends and are in the same writing group called the Massachusetts All-Stars. And people have different tastes in books. Just becos you're narcoleptic and actually like the P.C. Cast books (OMG haha!) doesn't mean City of Bones sucked. It just means you don't know how to read. Enjoy!


First of all, let me say that I am not a fan of first chapters. The only book that I've ever gotten hooked on becos of the first chapter is Lost It by Kristen Tracy. That chapter sold me. But first chapters from other books don't actually hook me until the next three chapters where the plot is leading you somewhere. So you read like twenty pages. How dumb are you??? If you kept reading, you would have enjoyed all of the humor and the backstories that will later tie at the end and into City of Ashes.

And those of you who are upset about Jace and Clary being brother and sister, you should know that Clare is a manga fan and a lot of manga and anime have that side plot in their stories where love interests find out that they're siblings (Vampire Knight). It's not a new concept but I loved how Clare used it for COB!!

We all know that they're not actually related because if you read City of Ashes, there are several hints.

This is the worst blog I've ever read. I read like two entries and got bored because it sounds like a twelve year old writing it so I scanned down to read the review of COB. Disappointed that a "book reviewer" didn't believe a girl would follow people into a storage room. I am raising my hand that YES I would follow them especially if I see them holding knives. And YES I would yell for them to stop because I am a badass.

personally i loved city of bones and city of ashes

it took a while to get into the book and at first i thought it was extremely boring. but once you get into it its great.

I thought Cassandra Clare's characters and plot for city of bones were alot better than Holly Blacks tithe and valient.

that was hurtful. I felt the books were very good. not like amazing, but they do deserve more credit then you gave them.

Excuse me?
These books were BRILLIANT.
Not only were they well-written, they were also consistently funny. Only wait, you probably wouldn't know that because you didn't GET PAST THE FIRST 20 PAGES.
Who do you think you are anyway to give an almost BEST SELLING book such a terrible review?
While yes, I agree that the freedom of speech is great, try to use it not to make such an idiot of yourself, yeah?
Happy reading :)

You really should have read more because the plot gets so much better after the first 20 PAGES!! Ive read books that had horrible beginnings and most of them turned out to be really brilliant books.

That's too bad you didn't like this book...I absolutely loved it. It gets better after the first 20 pages. I thought the best part of it was the sarcastic humor - I laughed every time Jace said anything.

I read City of Bones and City of Ashes a couple months ago and I absolutely loved them both. In my opinion the characters are dynamic and you have to read further than the first couple of chapters to find them interesting. I would definetly say at least give the book a try.

Alright, so you didn't like one book ? so what? deal with it.
EVERYBODY goes through that.
and for the record, city of bones was an amazing book. I can't wait to read the second.

What your saying is that you didn't like the book because it wasn't new or fresh or whatever. Fantasy isn't made with thoughts of new or fresh, most people ready fantasy because its a place of wonder and fairy tales, to distract you from your problems in life. A brief comfort, so don't read a book to see it's faults. Read it because it looks intresting and enjoyable.

Personally, I absolutely loved this book. I'm not sure how you can comment on a book, when you didn't even read it. You said you only got through the first 20 pages, how can you judge a book on that?

I loved the book. I've read all three in the series and loved each of them. Granted, the club scene wasn't my favorite, but like many posts before mine, you have to get past the first 20 pages. I think it's unfair to YOUR readers that you 'review' a book based on all of 20 pages. If you want to review something, read the whole book THEN you can offer your opinion.

If someone wants to get a full review on the book from someone who has read it, let me know. There are about twelve of my friends who have finished the series. And no, we aren't just a group of teenagers. We're all adults with kids of our own.

Sorry you didn't like the book, but I'm more sorrier you didn't even give it a chance.

You say that you didn't get past the first 20 pages, which really isn't fair at all. How can you judge a book by reading one scene? If I had a conversation with you for 20 minutes I couldn't say "Wow, that chick was crazy." Give the book a chance!

And to Megan, Bravo. I agree ith everything you said. A bad review, indeed.

Elyse, you said "City of Bones. It killed me. Literally." Well, if this book LITERALLY killed you, I am impressed, my friend. Typing from beyond the grave is quite a talent. If only more people could learn to come back and complain after they have been murdered by a pile of paper.

I read all of the Mortal Instruments series and loved it. The characters were interesting and witty. The plot was always twisting and turning. I have recommended this book to many friends, all of whom have liked it. Don't listen to this review, because who has a better feel for the story? Someone who satdon for 25 minutes with it, or has read all boks, all through the night wondering what happens next? I believe the latter.

Um first this was an AWESOME BOOK and second i think you should read the whole book before you start commenting on it not just 20 pages cause lets face it nothing important happens untill chapter 3 or 4!! so read the whole book before you start bad mouthing it.. cause it is the best book i have ever read (well this and twilight of course)

i CAN NOT BELIVE you actually wrote a review based on the first 20 pages of a (amazing) book!
if you based twilight on it's first 20 pages, what would you have? a girl saying goodbye to her mum, riding on a plane, driving in the car with her dad and going to school. and yet twilight is just as famous as harry potter, because it GET'S BETTER!!! also, in my opinion, the mortal instrumenst's series has the the best plot i've ever read! (if you actually bother to read to the end of 'city of glass')

i think this was a very poorly written review.

AAARGH, this just annoys the hell out of me! I was simply searching for funny quotes from TMI since I can't remember them by heart, then I get some discussion like this

First of all, I never ever get why people bother to make time for stuff like this. When you're a great fan, sure, you use our time talking to other fans and laughing about characters and making up fanfiction. But seriously, is it so much fun, telling how stunningly stupid something is? Isn't it better to spend your time on things you actually like?

Second. You really make the everyone-who-likes-this-series-is-a-dumbass-without-any-freaking-brains-impression. Youknow? There might be people who love this. There might be people who spend their time on this in a good way.

Third. I'd like to see you do better than CC. The plot is really cool and as if you could've come up with an eighthundred year old warlock with a sparkly and rainbowy appearance who is a as a matter of fact the High Warlock of Brooklyn. You try writing about egocentric jackasses that the main character falls in love with and turns out to be her brother. And yeh, runes on your body and a sarcastic vampire best friend is just so cliché, you could've done so much better, I'm sure. (woah, did the sarcasm already reach you?)

Fourth, the last point I'd like to make, and I'm not the first, I see. You've only read twenty pages! If you read the first twenty pages of Harry Potter, you think what? "Omg shit, not another teen-finds-out-he-can-do-magic-tale /0\"? Or something alike? That's just plain stupid! Of course, you do have the right to expose your opinion, I'm doing it right now, but it can't seriously be based on twenty pages. It has about 400 more, youknow. Come on. :l

Like it or hate it. But you really should keep some things in minds, when you start making everything look like crap.

omg I ttly agree with ELSE. As I was reading the review, I was kind-of offended. It made it sound like I was an idiot just because I like City of Bones. I think it's awesome and when I was reading it, I definentley could see the crosses between HP, Star Wars, Lightning Theif (Best book ever for those of you who haven't read it!!!!) and every fiction book ever. But it wasn't all cliche. It was something new on every page.

And the second thing I agree on with ELSE, if y ou read the first 20 pages, of Harry Potter, you wouldn't like it. I remember reading it in 3rd grade for the first time, and at first thought 'Gosh this is boring', but got more into it and am completely OBSESSESED with it. And same with Twilight, all it was in the first 20 pgs. was a klutzy girl getting on a plane, tearful goodbye from mom, and uncomfortable car ride with dad. YAWN. We've seen that B4. The only book I've liked from the first 20 pgs. is Lightning Theif.

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Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I was reading and i was going, this girl doesn't like City of Bones, it's her opinion, whatever.
Then i see that you only read 20 pages...

Um, are you kidding? What book is completely awesome from the beginning?

And i was going through the reviews, and i noticed that you enjoyed...House of Night.

Personally, i think it's one of the worst books i have ever read. I've read loads of fanfiction that are 10 times better than that piece of junk. Mind you, i know what i'm talking about, i had read 3 of the books before finally giving up on it.

The characters in that book were...uninteresting and predictable. The whole book has a horrible fanfiction feel to it.
The story was cliched, and flat.

I enjoy Holly Black's books, but during the first few chapters of Ironside, i felt like throwing the book across the room...But, unlike you, i decided to give the book the benefit of the doubt and continued reading. It took me a week to get through the first few chapters, but later on in the book i was hooked and i finished it in one sitting..

I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, but get your facts straight. Half of that crude review is untrue. How can you judge a whole book by the 20 pages you read?

How disappointing that you feel that way. While I won't lie and spazz that it's the "greatest thing everz," I personally think you exaggerated the 'low' quality of the writing. On the contrary, it was quite good, and perhaps you would have seen that had you put the effort forth to read more than twenty pages.

Not that I'm chiding you. Simply stating a fact. The same applies to the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. With both, I found the beginnings horribly boring and droning--until I actually got to the meat of the books. That's when they blew me away.

At first, I was underwhelmed by City of Bones. I read it lazily, a little uninterested, until the pace of the plot picked up and the action became more palpable. By the end, I was avid for the next novel in the series.

So, my opinion is that you give it another shot and try to finish it. If you still think it's horrendous...well, you think it's horrendous. No harm done. It really can't hurt to crack open the pages again.

But that's just my lone humble opinion.

I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the book because this series is one of my favorites of all time. You are apparently really closed minded in your reading because Cassandra Clare created a story that kept me begging for more.

ATTENTION OTHER READERS: If you want to read a book about a heroine who runs away from danger and isn't curious about anything at all, follow this guys advice, and don't read this book, or any other decent literature I might add. You'll hate it.

I love how ignorant many people trying to defend novels can be. I have mixed feelings about this book, since put frankly, the writing and concept are stale.

The book isn't a particularly intelligent or difficult read which I disliked. But I digress.

It's noticeable that most of those defending the book take the 'if you hate it your stupid' posistion. Which is sad because not everyone must conform to what you like or dislike so get over yourselves.

I personally neither loved or hated the book but thought it was mediocre. So please be more respectful to other people's opinions since as you do, they have a right to them. :)

I'm not sure whether this comment was to me, Eric, but in case it was, I wanna react on it.

You're not stupid if you don't like it, of course. Everyone is free to think whatever he wants to, and speak out loud, it'd be horrible if not. (whoa I think I'm talking really weird now :'D but okay)

It's just that I really felt offended: just because we liked this we were morons, it seemed? And that implied by someone who only read 20 pages?

Of course, say how much you hate it as many times as you want it. But it's only natural that people respond to that, expecting an explanation. Or am I just making up crap here? :')


I'm sorry you hated the book, or at least the first twenty pages of the book, so much. The Mortal Instruments series has to be one of the best series of books I have ever had the pleasure to stumble upon. Cassandra Clare created a whole world, built her own mythology, and introduced us to characters it was hard not to fall in love with (especially Jace). It was funny, imaginative, and inspiring.
Perhaps if you had bothered to continue you would have discovered this. But hey, we are all entitled to our own opinions, though personally I think your opinion was extraordinarily harsh. Was it really necessary to be so vehement?
I just want to point out a few things, though. The reasons Clary did not leave to find an adult are as such-Simon had already left to snag a bouncer, and if she had left, they could have killed the boy and run by the time she had returned. The reason she followed them in the first place is that she saw the knife Jace pulled out. I also fervently agree with the fact that a story where the heroine isn't ever curious and doesn't ever ask questions would be, well, lets just say I wouldn't call it a "story".

you got it all wrong there were only 2 boys 1 girl, the heonie, and the demon. and simon went to go get help, that is why she interfeared. and Clary followed them because one of the boys had a knife, and they weren't worried about the human because human's aren't suppose to see them. i'm saying, what you got out of that was all wrong. i'm writing a book report on it right now, and your wrong.

Dude, that book was awesome! Your review was pretty amusing, but seriously, people are going to read this thing and think it's terrible, but actually, it has everything: fantasy, action, romance, plot, character development, distinct personalities, and you know what? I don't know that many books who have a freaking awesome gay warlock. Do you? I advise you: Read the book, yeah, ALL of it, and then slam it. Thanks?

I'll keep this short because most people have voiced my thoughts on the matter.

You know what I find amusing?

The fact that the originality of the content is being criticized. The reason I find it amusing is because its seems that new fantasy books are either criticized for being too unoriginal or for being too different. For example, a lot of people scoffed at the fact that Stephanie Meyers vampires sparkled in the sun like diamonds instead of burned. But I bet that if she'd stuck with basic vampire lore people would have been complaining that its too much like any other vampire love story out there.

Are people ever satisfied?

jesus. okay. so i just want to say that
one) how the heck can you hate a book when you read like, one page?
two)you can't actually write a review without reading the actual book, you know.
three) i loved this book. and people are entitled to have their opinions but at the same time to publicly ridicule a book that some of us actually love is pathetic. so.
i loved this book. i loved the second one. and i loved the third one. you can hate the first twenty pages, but you can't hate the entire series because guess what, you didn't read it.

this book is the freaking best book in the freaking world so how dare anyone say its not!
this is an amazing book but obously some of you wouldnt know that because you sit on your lazy arses and dont read past page 1 ugh!! SORRY BUT PEOPLE MAKE ME ANGRY WHEN THEY INSULT A BOOK AS AMAZING AS THIS

I LOVE CITY OF BONES AND ASHES AND GLASS! WHAT NOW?!?!?! anyone that doesn't like them are crazy!!! got that?!?! NO ONE should insult the ah-MAZING books! just thought i'd mention...I LOVE YOU JACE!!!!

All these comments are hilarious. OMG SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET DOESN'T LIKE SOMETHING I LIKE! She must be crazy! She is attacking me personally! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

All of three of the Mortal Instruments books were awful - poorly written, dull cliched characters, worn out plots. Clary was a raging Mary-Sue, and Jace was a thinly disguised version of Spike from Buffy. The dialogue was shockingly bad and unrealistic. The whole thing was derivitive of many SF tv shows, films, books etc, and in one instance there's a direct quote from 'Friends'.

And yes, I read the first two books RIGHT THE WAY THROUGH and then skimmed the third. Although 20 pages is enough to discover all the things I mention above. I persevered but it so wasn't worth it. It's no more than badly written fan-fic gone legit.

They are humans!, they are shadow hunters and one is a demon in need of being killed, they have a knife and are acting suspicously thats why she follows them. If you clearly spent less time thinking about buffy during the first 20 pages you probably would of enjoyed it. It is a fantastic book! And she is in the club as it is a night for all ages..(it does say that)...So read more into something before you critosise it....Bad review...Bad blog. I recomend you don't read this blog. However do read the book.

read the book. the 3 book is really great. i think the mailyn have a twisted brain that why she wrote this review without finishing the book. how dumb are you?

Read the book!!!

okay there are a few things wrong with what you said.

1) She follows the group because she saw objects that looked like knifes.
2) She told her best friend to get a bouncer.
3) All good writter know that conflict is what makes a book good. No conflict = boring book.
4) It was not a storage closet. It was a storage ROOM.
5) They knew she was there, they did not know that she could see them.
6) She yelled to buy time untill the bouncer arrived.
7) I agree, the writting is a little choppy in the beginning, but what kind of idiot BUYS a book and only reads 20 pages? THATS WHAT A LIBRARY IS FOR!



City Of Bones was GREAT!
You really need to read more than 20 pages, though i was hooked on the first. You need some help coz u stop reading books after the first 20 pages. Oh, and Shadow i've already said to read more than the first 20 pages and u only read the first few. Don't say its boring when you've barely even read the book. Some people really need to get their facts staight.

Rave u r my HERO!!! U wouldd make an excellent debater:)

Just one thought...what did you expect from a publisher that publishes HILARY DUFF'S book...and no it's not an autobiography....I guess whatever the heck sells right?

You disgust me.

this is my all-time favorite series.
How dare you.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I personally love The Mortal Instruments series, and would say that those who never finished the book(s) but try to poke holes in the plot line... It might just be BECAUSE you didn't finish it.
That said, I get that some won't like the series. Cool. Everyone's entitled to their personal opinions. We should respect that.
But when books make best seller lists, I tend to think non writers who have never written a best selling book probably don't have the right to criticize.
But in all honesty, it is incredibly hard to hook a reader from the beginning.
And considering all the we are vampires falling in love craziness going on, I'm surprised this particular book is being criticized for being cliché. Just saying.

I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy it. I am currently making my own website to support the books. I wish you would read on, because while some of these things do not make sense to you in the beginning, they do get explained later on. SPOILER ALERT: The reason the girl (Clary) is not discovered is because she is a Shadowhunter (the 'superhumans')and has some of the same abilities to hide herself, though she does not yet know it. Please give it another try and if you really do not like it I respect your opinion, but please do not write about something you know almost nothing about.
P.S.- Holly Black is really good friends with Cassandra Clare(the author of City of Bones). She even went on tour to help promote the books. They are in a writing group together, and I am sure she did read he book.

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