The Genre

Historical Fantasy, Alternate History, Witches, Action, Espionage, Romance, Regency

The Plot

From the author's site:

SHADOW OF ALBION is set in 1805, but an 1805 that has seen the Stuarts reign in an unbroken line from the time of Charles II. It is a world where magic works, but when Napoleon bends all Europe to his will, sometimes magic just isn't enough ... which is where the Duke of Wessex takes a hand. A member of the elite White Tower Group, the espionage apparat that seeks to deny Napoleon mastery of Europe, Wessex is a man with a dangerously conflicted nature: espionage is not the work of gentlemen, and at any moment his loyalties may be impossibly divided. King Henry IX presses him to marry in order to extend his protection to Prince Jamie's bride, Princess Stephanie of Denmark, but though the betrothal is an old one, Wessex's bride is not-at-all what he expects. For the Marchioness of Roxbury is quite literally not herself: she is Miss Sarah Cunningham, of an America which broke free of the tyranny of the English Crown, and which has no use for magic...

The Review

I was hooked on this book from the moment I read the first few pages. The characters are very entertaining and I found myself liking even the heroine, which is rather unusual for me. She did have a couple of TSTL moments but, I am pleased to say, she got other them fairly quickly.

The Duke reminds me a little of The Scarlet Pimpernel as he is a very well off Duke who is actually a spy. He goes all over Europe to serve King and country yet he is troubled by his chosen lifestyle. On th eone hand he enjoys being useful to the kingdom but he also worries what would happen to his grandmother should the news ever reach her that the Duke of Wessex is a lowly spy. Back in these days being a spy was NOT a good thing. LOL.

The Verdict

Highly recommended to anyone that loves a good read. This book was very fast paced and I found myself wishing that it would keep going. Fortunately, it seems there is a sequel. I will have to hunt it down.

A solid 4.5 out of 5.


I loved this book, i was soo hooked. But it sucked because I read it when i first came out and had to wait forever for the sequel (which is good too)

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