I had never heard of this trilogy before, as this book is the first book in the Ravenloft the Covenant trilogy. I was just at the bookstore the other day and happened to look at the Laurell K. Hamilton books, and there it was. I didn't buy it then, I waited until a few days later and had it read by that night. It was an interesting read, not really at all like the novels in the Anita Blake series.

On the back of the book all it says is:

In a world that fears spellcraft, a girl discovers her own strange talent for magic.

But in a land crawling with corruption, can she trust its gifts?

Not a lot of information, to get a good idea, though, they include a segment of text from the novel at the front. It goes like this:


I think she wrote it a while ago and it is being re-released, but she is not writing the other two books. From what i can tell, and I might be wrong, Ravenloft is a series and LKH wrote one book that is the first in a trilogy called the Ravenloft Covenant that is part of the series.

I found the book to be formulaic and flat. From chapter 19 on, the story did not capture my imagination. I'm not sure that I'll even finish it. It started out with so much promise, but I felt that the zombies took over Elaine's story.

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