From Amazon:
"The servant girl Aeriel must choose between destroying her vampire master for his evil deeds or saving him for the sake of his beauty and the spark of goodness she has seen in him."

I would really appreciate it if someone would let me know what all the fuss is about regarding this book. I was very disappointed when I finally managed to finish this.

I do have to say that the plot is very intriguing. We have a darkangel who is also a vampire. He has taken up residence in an abandon castle and pretty much terrorizes the countryside by kidnapping beautiful maidens to be his brides. Did I mention this very bad amoral vampire has black wings and it's the most gorgeous creature to walk the Earth?

So you see now why I had to be all over this. Well, I should have read something else. The book started good enough. The archangel was evil and despicable enough for my liking. However, halfway through the book everything starts falling apart.

The more we get to see of the darkangel the more we learn he is nothing but a petulant child throwing temper tantrums to try and scare everyone. He is pretty much afraid of his brides simply because they are all hideous to look at. Well, he did suck them dry. He whines and pouts at the heroine and I, for the life of me, could not get the image of an English court dandy out of my head.

I still kept reading despite my apprehension thinking that it would all get better towards the end. I couldn't have been more off the mark. The entire conflict was solved in less than two seconds flat and in such a way that it left me wondering if we had any conflict to begin with. The book does leave the bigger problem of the darkangel's nasty mother and brothers open since this is only the first book of the series.

Honestly I couldn't care less what happens to any of them. This is one series I will not be going after.

A 2.5 out of 5.


Eek! I think I recommended this to you no less. I liked her writing, though the plot could have been better.

I have this book, a 3-in-1 book I think. Or maybe it is another trilogy by her... I am going to have to look now.

LOL milady, honestly I think I got the book because it had angels and vampires, two of my favorite creatures so no worries, sooner or later I would have read this. I liked the beginning but then he got all whiny.

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