With the paranormal market producing such large qualities of material right now, we’re starting to see a lot of different paranormal creatures popping up in stories.

Dance Chica: My favorite paranormal creature is definitely vampires--fangs, blood, seduction...bring it on. Honestly, I don’t know what it is, exactly, about vampires that make them so appealing to me. I think it may have something to do with the fact that they’re so versatile. Regardless of all the stereotypes and clichés, there’s really a lot a creator can do with vampires and so many myths that can shape the characters. For example, vampires can be evil or they can be good; they can be powerful and sexy and dangerous or they can be completely indifferent. Not to mention all the various powers and politics that can shape the society of a vampire. Also, I think some vampires just have "tortured bad boy" stamped all over them which make them nearly impossible for me to resist. But I think the best thing about a vampire story is that it can really be a story about humanity and human nature rather than just a cold blooded monster. On the flip side, I’m not really into shifters but if an author crafts them right I can bite (no pun intended), such as Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten. That book made me see shifters in a whole new light simply by creating a mythology for them that I never even thought possible. One paranormal creature I don’t think I could ever really get into, though, is gargoyles. I’ve noticed a lot of them popping up in paranormals lately and they’ve just never intrigued me enough to read one.

Mailyn: I am so with you on this. Vampires are hella cools and they have been my favorites for as long as I can remember. Unlike many people, however, I like my vamps both good and evil. The sexual tension is always supposed to be there because that's how they attract their pray. But that's the more romantic vampire. In the olden days vamps were icky looking, kind of like Nosferatu. Remember that movie? Yikes! Still, I like them all the same. They have a lot of abilities that makes reading about them fun. They, unlike say ghouls or werewolves, are in control of their senses all the time. My least favorite monster has GOT to be werewolves. In most of the books surrounding them they pretty much lose themselves when it comes time to turn. How dumb is that?! I like my monsters to know what's going on all the time and to be able to control themselves, even if it's just to kill people. LOL. My other favorites are necromancers. Even their name is cool! LOL. It's really too bad that there aren't more good quality series or books with them. I think they have a lot of potential, just like vamps. In fact, I can see a good series focusing on the adventures of a good necromancer. He could even be battling a wizard or a very bad necromancer. Somebody needs to come up with this soon! Oh and archangels are always hella cools. Archangels with black wings!!! Sadly this hasn't caught on yet. I can see a series about a fallen archangel trying to fight evil or something. Hey, maybe he can even have a necromancer and a vampire sidekick. I would so buy that series! LOL.

Kailana: I have to admit, I don't really read fantasy novels for a certain type of paranormal creature. While I like things like vampires, wizards, witches, etc, I don't necessarily buy a book for them. I read more by recommendations or what I see at the store that looks interesting. So, in an attempt to add to this, I will talk about my favourite types of fantasy novels. I took a university course on fairy tales, and it has reinterested me in that particular genre. I have always liked fairy tale retellings, but after that course, I started paying more attention to different authors that write that sort of stuff. Fairy tale retellings can take in any amount of different paranormal creatures, so I read a wide range as a result. I also enjoy Arthurian and Troy retellings. Arthurian novels vary, with sometimes having a lot of fantasy present and other times they are just novels about Roman society and Arthur. The level of fantasy mainly relies on whether you believe that Arthur really existed. Not to mention Troy, if you believe the Homer version of the story, then you might think that other novels are pure fantasy. It is all about interpretation. After those three main things, I am not very picky about what fantasy novels I read. I get recommendations from other people that read fantasy novels, which is important, and I also pick up books at the store on a whim to see if they are any good. So, if I read more about any particular fantasy novel it is more by the luck of the draw than any preference.

Nath: Hmmm, this is a pretty tough topic... We're talking about paranormal creatures right? So I guess that psychics don't really count? I like psychics the best because they are exactly like us, as in normal, but yet at the same time they're not. They either accept what they are or deny it and I think that makes a good storyline. Also, psychic powers are pretty cool, but there's always a limitation :) Okay, so back to the topic.... Paranormal creatures. Vampires and werewolves are pretty much tied for me... I mean, it really depends on the world the author created and the characterization. I don't care much for werewolves in Angela Knight's novels, but give me Clay or Jeremy or even Karl from Kelley Armstrong and yummy :P As for least favorite, I think it's witch and sorcerer... I think they're pretty boring ^^; and you never know what's the limits of their powers... in addition, potions and incantations? They don't do anything for me. Then again, really, most important is characterization and storyline... What I'd like to read more about are demons and like Mailyn, necromancer.

So, what’s your favorite paranormal creature? Which are your least favorite? What creatures would you like to see more of? Which creatures have you had enough of?


Hey Mailyn, since you like archangels, have you picked up Archangels by Sharon Shinn yet? I bought it but I still haven't read it yet. But I remember Kailana really liked it which is what prompted me to go on and buy it. ;-)

I still have to get that. It's on my to buy in Amazon. But I seemed to be backed up. Ugh. The money I tell ya!

I did, however, start on a book about the Devil and stuff so I am hoping there are some archangels in there. I do think that more books should be centered around them. Just like with vamps they don't have to follow the rules. They can be tough and evil or whatever. I think a good author could pull one helluva great archangel series. Or necromancers. I'm still after those. :-(

Hey Mailyn, did you read the Women of the Underworld series by Kelley Armstrong? because the heroine of her next book is the necromancer, you might be interested... of course, it's better if you read the whole series :P

By the way, I remember reading something about a book... a review or blurb... but I can't remember what's the title and I was pretty interested. So can you girls help me? It's about a girl who's dead I think and she's kind of the guardian between hell and heaven... There's a war preparing and both sides wants her, but there's a third-party, the hero, who wants her as well. Ring a bell?


There is an angel in "Neverwhere" that you might enjoy.

Oh I may have to try that one then Kailana! :-)

Nath it sound somewhat familiar but I'm going to have to think on it. For some reason I keep thinking of this anime I saw a while back, can't remember the name, but it was something about a girl and a gate between heaven and hell as well.

Oh and I am going to check out that series you suggested!

Oh Nath! I know it! I know it! I'm pretty sure it's Retrieval by Jeanie London because I just posted about that one recently. I've been eyeing it too. It sounds pretty interesting. ;-)

Hey DC! Bingo! That's the one... and I got interested by reading your post :D I just couldn't remember if it was yours or Mailyn... and I guess I didn't go back enough in your archives to read the description :D By the way, you're like my paranormal books pimper :P

I like witches, myself. Even though I write vampires, they're bad guys. Or gals, as the case may be.

I could get into shapeshifters, maybe. Depends how they're done.

And psychics are good. They go along with witches for me. Love'em.

I'm with Colleen here. I like witches best. They have magical powers, but they're still human. Shifters and whatever can be interesting, but generally they're a little to far out there for me. (With some exceptions, including Kelley Armstrong--Mailyn, have you really not read them??!! You must!)

And I just don't get the appeal of vampires. Why would a cold dead guy who DRINKS BLOOD be sexy? EWWW.

I know it's the bad boy thing. Still, they just don't do much for me.

I really find the fey in all their different incarnations to be beautiful and facinating. You've got ultra beautiful human like fey and then you've got darker creatures like phookas and red caps. It's fun to imagine that these creatures really do exist just outside our human realm.

I don't have a preference. I enjoy them all. Many readers seem to find the enjoyment of such creatures baffling. It's fiction. And there is an appeal of dark characters or ambiguity of character that I love.

Love your site and look forward to visiting and getting some great recs.


I don't have a preference. I love dark or ambiguous characters. Love your site! Look forward to getting some good recs!


Collen I also like witches but shapeshifters have never been my thing. I don't mind it if say, a vampire or a demon can turn into something else but a plain shapeshifter, unless they have some other powers, isn't my cup of tea.

Jennie vampires aren't all sexy. That's just Anne Rice and the Romance novels. In non-romance they can be the very bad guys or they can be good with very dark shades to them. I find that interesting. As for how they can be romantic, well, it's like any other demon, etc. Some demons eat people, others kill people [like weres] but if the author is good they can still make the character interesting and sexy despite these and other faults. I also like witches but I prefer wizards. I think they are hella cools, then again, I lean more towards male heroes because they tend to be more well drawn than heroines. Most "strong" heroines come across as TSTL.

dark reader thanks for stopping by! I also LOVE the fey! I think they have so much potential both as good and evil. I've read some pretty evil fey and they are really interesting. Oh and phookkas I find very scary. Yikes! Also the waterhorses [I forget their names] the ones that drown people. Scary!

Keishon thanks also for stopping by. I agree, it's all good since it's make believe. It's enjoying things that we wouldn't even stomach in real life.

Exactly, Mailyn. Sometimes real life does get in the way and in that case I just don't read it.


My favourite paranormal creature is me.

(Don't ask !).


well, being Merlin, I would understand it :D

I've liked elements of each when it comes to tv/movies ... witches on Charmed, Vamps on Buffy/Angel.

But reading I dig the werewolfs ... though I gotta admit to not reading MUCH on that. The were creatures in Kenyon's stories are some of my favorites ...

It's the alpha thing again ...

I love werewolf books the best followed by elves and vampires.

Mailyn, have you read Lilith Saintcrow's Working for the Devil and I think the next one comes out this month, but the heroine is a necromancer.

Kailana, have you read Kinley MacGregor's Sword of Darkness. That series is based on her version of Arthurian Legend. As is Angela Knight's mageverse that Nath mentioned, so you have probably read/heard of those.

hi there kris an Merlin! thanks for stopping by. LOL Merlin, I guess wizards do count :-P

kris don't get me started on Dante Valentine. yikes. you should see my review...er rant. lol. but I did love the demon!

zeek I loved Oz in Buffy!

right now im more into vampires before i was obessing bout faries. though i like them both :)

I would probably have to go with;
1. Demons(Warhammer/40K/Lilith Saintcrow),
2. Elves Dark/Light/Wood/Eldar(Warhammer/40K/Mercedes Lackey/Jenna Rhodes),
3. Griffins(Mercedes Lackey),
4. Spellcasters(Warhammer/40K/Mercedes Lackey/Jenna Rhodes/Marie Brennan).

I've been a big Warhammer/40K fanatic for more than seven years I play mostly as Chaos, and ever-since I was little would tend to lean towards the darker side of things... But anyway I loved reading of the imfamous Druchii Malus Darkblade, I could not put the books down, also found the lauguage bitz and social behavior along with their customs from city-to-city to be utterly enthralling! Enjoyed your reveiw of it too Mailyn! And Francis!

Sathorael... Currntly reading:Fulgrim,The Horus Heresy Series(40K)

My favorite is vampire books. Then it would be werewolves followed by witches then demons then evil Angels.

I think my fave would be vampires atm (Twilight, New Moon etc.) or witches & wizards (Harry Potter)...
Yeah i know its so typical! But i love them!

Im actually going to start writing a story but i don't know what to do it on, vampires, wizards&wizards or werewolves!

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